Review Us!


1.  What causes tooth decay
      a. cavities
      b. flossing
      c.  acid
      d. age

2.   Halitosis is the dental term for:
     a.  bad breath
     b.  dry mouth
     c.   decay
     d.  geographic tongue
answer: a

3.  When should you floss
     a.  once a day
     b.  every time you brush
     c.  once a week
     d.  twice a week
answer: b

4.  When should you brush
    a.  once a day
    b. twice a day
    c.  after every meal
    d.  never
answer: c

5.  How often should you have your teeth cleaned
    a. at least once a year
    b.  at least twice a year (every 6 months)
    c.  once every 5 years
    d.  once a month
answer: b

6.  The leading cause of oral cancer is
     a. eating
     b.  drinking alcohol
     c.  smoking
     d. xerostomia
answer c.

7.  Dry mouth/xerostomia  is caused by
      a.  anxiety
      b. medications
      c.  Sjogren's Syndrome
      d.  all of the above
answer: d

8.  Your 6 month check ups and cleaning visits are important because of the
      a.  Oral cancer screenings
      b.  To detect decay
      c.  To remove bacteria from the oral cavity
      d.  All of the above
    answer: d.

9.  You should always use a _________bristle toothbrush.
      a. medium
      b.  soft
      c. hard
      d. purple
  answer: b

10.  Your mouthwash should contain
      a.  sugar
      b.  a delicious flavor
      c.  antibacterial properties
      d.  alcohol
  answer: c.